Hi there, beautiful, I'm Betsy

Hi there, beautiful, I'm Betsy


As a certified health coach, I help stressed out, and struggling women crush sugar cravings, ditch restrictive diets, and reset their relationship with food. I work with them individually and in small groups to help them understand, process, and manage their thoughts so they can begin to feel a sense of control.

I work with you to help you uncover the root causes of why you use food to cope and give you proven strategies based on the ten intuitive eating principles to help you learn how to reset your relationship with food. You will finally have freedom and ease around food through creating healthy habits, not restrictions to transform your mind and body so you can heal your relationship with food.

In the past, when I would get anxious, stressed, have fears, or worry about something I would use food to cope. I’d reach for my favorite comfort food or sugary snack and stuff my feelings to try to soothe my emotions and escape from the situation. Afterward, I’d feel disgusted, bloated, and weighed down with guilt.

Often, when we are eating mindlessly, we don’t make the connection between our feelings and eating. When we understand what drives us to eat to numb our feelings, then we can begin to take steps to change it.  In my 12-week program Eat with Intention – Intuitive Eating 101 you go at your own pace as you learn how to heal your relationship with food using ten simple steps.  

Honestly, we are all emotional eaters to some degree. It’s when it is a problem for you that we need to address it.

If you are ready to change, tired or frustrated with having food control you and need support or want to learn more about how I can help you overcome emotional eating, stress eating, overeating, or binge eating, please reach out to me here to schedule a FREE 20-minute complimentary session. No pressure, no obligation to buy anything and no judgment. I truly want to help you find a way to make peace with the food on your plate so you can begin living your best life. I will listen to you and give you space to talk about what you’re eating, but more importantly, what’s eating you. I’ll help you discover how to satisfy your emotional hunger without using food to cope.

For more information about working with me individually or in my group coaching program “From Cravings to Confidence around Food!”, please go HERE.

Life is too short to be struggling with food issues. I know; I struggled with stress eating, overeating, emotional eating, binging on sugar, and yo-yo dieting for years before I learned how to break the cycle. If I can do it, so can you!

Wishing you abundant health and happiness,


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