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Do you ever wish you had a step-by-step guide that will help you STOP overeating and START managing your problems without using food to cope?

Then, this is the course for YOU!

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Emotional Eating

When you stress eat or overeat, you lack something in your life that has nothing to do with food. When you binge eat, typically, you are feeling out of control, chaotic, and overpowered by your emotions. In my one-on-one, and group coaching programs, I work with women individually and in small
groups to help you create healthy habits, not restrictions to transform your mind and body so you can heal your relationship with food.

I created my self-study course Eat with Intention to teach you how to eat foods that work for your unique body and how to eat with intention. I teach you how to enjoy sweets without the damaging effects of sugar. I teach you how to ditch the restrictive diets, to stop thinking of foods as good, bad or forbidden and I show you how you can eat your favorite foods without guilt. In only twelve weeks you will experience a transformation and completely reset your relationship with food and your body.

What’s in the 12 Modules?

Eat with Intention is different. It’s not a diet. It’s a solution to dieting.

You will become empowered, build self-esteem, and learn new coping tools to manage your life without using food to deal with your emotions.

You will finally have freedom and ease around food through creating healthy habits, not restrictions to transform your mind and body so you can heal your relationship with food.

Week 1

The Baseline

Week 2

Ditch the Diet Mentality

Week 3

Embrace Hunger

Week 4

Permission Slip

Week 5

Explore Fullness

Week 6

Make Peace

Week 7

The Pleasure Principal

Week 8

Soothe without Food

Week 9

Become Body Positive

Week 10


Week 11

Balance Point

Week 12

Empowered:  the new YOU!

Are you ready to get started?

So, are you ready to get started on building a healthy relationship with food?

Many dietitians and nutritionists will tell you what to eat and when but those like myself who coach clients to heal emotional eating will explain to you how to eat and why you should be eating healthy, nutritious foods. The reality is, food is much more than fuel for the body, it can heal and protect it from
getting an illness or disease.

We all have an emotional connection to food, a bonding type experience that needs to stay healthy for the sake of our minds and bodies. While it may seem to you that your problem is that you’re powerless over food, emotional eating comes from feeling powerless over your emotions.

If you deal with your feelings by numbing or soothing yourself with food, you stop feeling capable of dealing with your feelings. Allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable emotions can be scary. You may fear that, like Pandora’s box, once you open the door, you won’t be able to shut it. But the truth is that when we don’t obsess over or suppress our emotions, even the most painful and difficult feelings subside relatively quickly and lose their power to control our attention.

Knowledge is of no use if you don’t take action. With the tools I give you in this course you can begin taking steps to achieve food freedom and create a healthier relationship with food starting right now.

Nourish your Body

Your course includes the following BONUS materials:

  • Omnivore Recipe Guide – 99 recipes (gluten-free)
  • Vegan Recipe Guide – 86 recipes (gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based)
  • 3 Months of Suggested Meals – planning is done for you!
  • 3 Months Pantry/Grocery Lists – shop without stress!
  • Food Diary – keep track of your progress.

Let’s Work Together!

You have the power inside of you to change your relationship with food. If you aren’t feeling confident or capable of changing, it’s okay; you are not alone. Change is hard. Fears come up, your self-doubts set in, and before you know it, you’ve convinced yourself to give up, because you can’t do it,
it’ll never work. This time can be different. It’s much easier when you have someone who understands what you’re going through, what the struggles
feel like, and who really gets it. I’ve helped many women, just like you, who were struggling with stress, emotional eating, overeating, binging, and sugar addiction.


“Betsy is a person who is very driven and has a lot of heart.  She’s always so positive and encouraging.  When I started this course I didn’t believe in myself or that I could change.  Some weeks were really hard, but I got threw them and came out a better person.  Thank you Betsy for supporting me on my journey.”

Nikki M.

“I am beyond grateful for Betsy.  I learned how to stop counting calories and obsessing over which foods were good or bad.  If you’re not sure if this course will work for you, trust me it will change your life. And, what a relief, when it ended it wasn’t over.  Betsy is still coaching me to keep me on track.”

Lynn D.

“For as long as I can rememer I’ve been an emotional eater. After completing her 3 month program I’ve found that I don’t want to hide and eat foods that I thought were bad for me. I really am at peace around food and I didn’t think that was possible. Thank you Betsy for this amazing program.”

Elizabeth J.

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Let’s Get Started!

Life is too short to be struggling with food issues. I know; I struggled with stress eating, overeating, emotional eating, binging on sugar, and yo-yo dieting for years before I learned how to break the cycle. If I can do it, so can you!

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