Health Coaching

Increase your confidence, motivation and ability to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

How it Works…

Complimentary Session

Let’s get on the phone and chat about what you’re eating, but more importantly, what’s eating you. I’ll help you discover how to satisfy your emotional hunger without using food to cope.  Schedule your FREE 20-minute call HERE!

Individual Coaching

I work with you individually to help you uncover the root causes of why you use food to cope and give you proven strategies based on the ten intuitive eating principles to help you learn how to reset your relationship with food.

Group Coaching

From Cravings to Confidence around Food!

GROUP Sessions:

  • Ditching the Diet
  • Honor your Hunger
  • Peace with Food
  • Challenge Food Police
  • Feel your Fullness
  • Discover Satisfaction
  • Coping without Food
  • Respect your Body
  • Movement
  • Gentle Nutrition

Success Sessions

Research shows that meeting with a Health Coach for personalized coaching during bi-weekly sessions has the highest rate of success.  If you are ready to unlock your ability to stop the emotional eating, stress eating, “diet-binge-guilt-repeat” endless cycle of eating, then let’s work together!

Package Options:

3 and 6 month packages.

We all start somewhere. After your complimentary session you will have a clear path to which coaching (or program) is best for you.

3 Month Package 

Group coaching begins on the 1st of each month, our next group begins on 05/01/20.

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