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Stepping into Forgiveness



“Forgiveness is a spiritual decision, not a mental decision to release the person or group who hurt or betrayed you.

When I forgive, I’m making a spiritual decision to release that person.

Forgiveness is dismissing our demand that they owe us something.

Forgiveness is releasing the right to be bitter or get even.

Forgiveness is of God!

Forgiveness is releasing the demand to hear … “I’m sorry.”

When I forgive you – whether you apologize or not, it has nothing to do with it.  Even if I never hear the words, “I’m sorry,” I still forgive.

Forgiveness is an act of faith.

Forgiveness is a process to walk through, especially if deeply hurt.


“Forgiveness equals Faith. When I forgive somebody, I’m taking them out of my heart and putting them in God’s hands.”


Forgiveness is NOT a feeling or emotion.

Forgiveness is NOT conditional – I’ll forgive you if you __________.

Forgiveness is NOT based on what’s fair.

Forgiveness does NOT justify the wrong; the person did.

Forgiveness is NOT based on what they deserve.

Forgiveness is NOT waiting for time to heal all wounds.

Forgiveness is NOT reconciliation; this is about you. Reconciliation takes two.


“It’s your job to build the bridge – it’s their job to walk over it.

I can go to heaven because I have forgiven you. I built the bridge.”


But how do I know when I have forgiven them?

When you can bless them, then you know you’re stepping into forgiveness.”


Petree, Eric. Scandalon Sermon – Series Stronger in Broken Places., 19 May, 2019,


stepping into forgiveness

If you are struggling to forgive someone who hurt you, I encourage you to watch Pastor Eric Petree’s sermon called “Scandalon.” It is from his series “Stronger in Broken Places,” and you can view it in its entirety by clicking here.

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